Fran Lowman Memorial Library


The mission of this resource lending library is: To inform, inspire, educate, stimulate, and motivate the members of Wild Ones with knowledge of native plants of the midwest and the rich biodiversity they support.

Member Benefit

The lending library contains over 230 volumes, all of which are available to members of the Wild Ones Rock River Valley chapter. You can request books from the library between meetings by contacting the librarian to arrange for a pickup.The library is divided into two libraries.

  • Traveling Library—This library is taken to the monthly meetings that are held at Rock Valley College. Download a list of books in the Traveling Library.
  • Reserve Library—This library is maintained at the librarian's home. Download a list of books in the Reserve Library.

Reserve Library

The Reserve Library contains approximately 90 volumes, removed from the traveling Library, which are:

  • Duplicates of books in the Traveling Library
  • Books rarely, if ever, checked out
  • Older books for which there are newer, more up to date books that cover the subject better. Many newer books have better, more colorful illustrations
  • Children’s books

You can request books out of the Reserve Library by downloading and filling out a Reserve Library request form and email it to the librarian.

Request Form Instructions

  1. Save this form to your computer BEFORE filling it in.
  2. Using your computer, fill in all the form fields.
  3. Use Save as to save the form to your computer with a different filename that contains your name and the original filename. For example if your name is Mary White, the filename should be Reserve Book Request_Mary White.pdf .
  4. Email this completed form to

Check Out Policy

Books may be borrowed for a period of one month, generally speaking from one monthly meeting to the next. Since there is no meeting in December nor is the library brought to the evening social in July, there are two periods during the year when books checked out may be kept for 2 months without penalty, November to the January meeting and June to the August meeting. With the exception of November and June, all books checked out at the monthly meeting must be returned by the next meeting. After a one week grace period past the due date, fines will be assessed at the rate of $1.00 per book per week. In addition, lost or damaged books will generate a replacement cost per book plus $10.00 handling and processing fee.

Lending library policy.